An international company

WEBEN SMART is an international company established in 1997, with a registered capital of 6 million euros. Every day, around 400 employees in our headquarter in Shanghai and around the world merge their expertise to ensure smart and turnkey solutions for your day-to-day needs. WEBEN SMART offers various and diversified solutions from a single source: the individual components to fully automated systems. Aiming to provide the intelligent customized equipment and services, we attach a great importance being a high-level engineering center with high-quality engineers, representing 70% of our employees..



Whether it is robotics, automation, logistics or software, our wide range of solutions may be addressed to every sector such as automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical and/or general industry. For every step of your process, WEBEN SMART has a flexible system integrated solution for your application, either it is stamping, welding, assembly, machining or, warehousing.



After 25 years of experience and development, WEBEN SMART has become a renowned supplier of intelligent manufacturing, industrial grippers, and hydraulic fixtures in China and abroad.  Since 2013, WEBEN SMART was successfully identified as one of the Shanghai High-tech Enterprises and was within China’s Top 10 System Integration for 4 consecutive years.