WEBEN Smart has been designing and manufacturing End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) for 25 years, offering full gripping solutions. We may supply from concept to commission each unique gripper whether it is handling, geometry or process grippers.


Our grippers work on the main lines of BIW and sub-assembly lines, for production line robots and manipulators. Whether you need a simple gripper or a very complex one, we offer you a comprehensive and overall solution: design, installation, and commissioning.

Our teams are available to discuss your projects and find THE BEST solution.
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Our wide catalogue will allow us to assembly the flexible device you need

Grippers can be designed in carbon fiber, steel, aluminum tubes, profiles or “Eurogripper” system.


In addition to EOAT, WEBEN SMART design and develop jig manufacture for any application needed in the body in white process. From simple racks to assembly, drilling, clamping, or testing jigs, the jig will provide repeatability, accuracy, and flexibility in the manufacturing of products while assisting the robot or manual process.