WEBEN SMART is a turnkey integrator of body-in-white (BIW) and body parts production line. Our main business covers the body process planning synchronous engineering, sub-assembly workcell, white body welding production line and body parts production welding unit.


From automotive to aerospace, our solutions are suitable for many different areas of application. The technology offers decisive advantages in the production of medium and large batch sizes.


The purpose of our strong technical engineering and project management team is to maintain an advanced level and high-quality solutions at an effective price. At every phase of the integration, from project inception to the end of the equipment’s service life, WEBEN SMART’s teams can help you, wherever you are. We design and offer solution to answer the BIW positioning and work holding needs. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality, proven process reliability and high output with maximum safety requirements.

Precision, dynamism, control, and reliability are the prerequisites for viable solutions in these sensitive areas.

Our solutions cover handling, process and geometry technologies, spot welding, arc welding, glue stations, laser welding process and riveting. We can create a solution for low volume production to high volume series manufacturing and help you choose the process most suitable for your purposes. The automated processes increase the speed, precision, quality while minimizing the inconsistent welds of manual welding.


Automated processes reduce cycle times, unit costs, error rates and the cost of spot repairs. The use of robots ensures that processes are efficient, reproducible and guarantees the consistent quality of the applications. With our robotic solutions, we can maximize the utilization capacity by assigning multiple tasks to the robots such as welding, screwing, gripping or hemming.


Welding Line

Static or moving line, fully automated or semi-automated

Arc Welding Station

For higher product quality, productivity, and reduced costs

Spot Welding Station

Resistance welding of steel and aluminum parts


Roller hemming or tabletop hemming, your solution for small or large batch production is here

Glue Station

Improving gluing precision, productivity, and consumption

Laser Welding

For quick process, reduced reworking and deep welding