CUSTOMER: Chongqing Yujiang Die Casting Co., Ltd.



Chongqing Yujiang is a Chinese company especialized since 1992 in the production of aluminium alloy die casting and parts. WEBEN SMART installed a machining line to build gearbox housing.



The line is composed of 8 MAKINO M/C machine tools equipped with WEBEN hydraulic fixtures, 3 auxiliary machines and 2 rail mounted FANUC robots equipped with double side grippers to manipulate parts from one operation to the next.


Maximize the versatility of your automation investment thanks to our robot 7th axle track, so you will achieve work piece transfer and station connection. Our robot tracks use mature and reliable standard design, fit for a wide variety of payload capacities, and has a length up to 25 meters.


This alternative to the conveyor system has an average acceleration of 2.7 meters, and up to 3.2 meters. This solution ensures optimum speed, great operating reliability, outstanding life cycle assessment and minimize global costs.

Its application is multiple, such as assembly line, machining line, or paint shop.

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