Smart logistics makes your production more effective and efficient at each step. WEBEN SMART combines its expertise and experience in the automation, logistic and warehousing automation fields to offer you a turnkey solution.

In addition to transport equipment (AMR & AGV), trolleys, conveyors, stackers, shuttle, shelfs, WEBEN SMART developed its warehouse management system (WMS) to control and automize completely the whole process of storage.


Our WMS system will bring flexibility, control, low overhead, real-time stock visibility, product tracking, just-in-time manufacturing support, improved runtimes in manufacturing processes with a fast return on investment (ROI).


Not only you will benefit from a smart logistic with connected devices and intelligent asset tracking tools, but the solution has been designed to suit small floor space thanks to high-rises shelfs.

Our intelligent warehousing is your adapted solution for raw material, final parts, small tools and dies, blanks and EOAT. WEBEN SMART has the solution to improve traffic through the plant, while improving safety, reducing the number of forklifts within the factory.