With over 15 years of industry experience, WEBEN SMART provide a third-party solution with high performance-cost rate and has won the trust of customers within the industry.


From the planning of the whole machining process to the automation integration, through designing and manufacturing, WEBEN SMART has the capacity of providing tailor-design machining lines. Our scope includes roller conveyor, payload gantry, handling and linear robot, grippers, precision hydraulic fixture, CNC machines.


Thanks to our longstanding experience in process and equipment integration, we can support your project from its earliest phases to deliver reliable turnkey solution that meet your unique machining needs.


Our results-oriented methodology and systems expertise can help developing any machining process and assure productivity, flexibility, and long-term quality.


We offer a wide range of modular equipment, including assembly and test products, within the machining process to deliver increased machining & assembly process consistency across the lifetime of your equipment.



  • Transmission Case
  • Low Cylinder Block
  • Clutch Housing
  • Link
  • Cylinder Head
  • Hopper Traction Sheave
  • End Cover 4 Axis

Our hydraulic fixtures will bring precision and high yield to your process. The presence of inner routing of hydraulic circuits allow an easier cleaning, gain of space, and reduction of damage during loading and unloading.


For robot and gantry grab-positioning and grip force control


For repeatability, accuracy, and flexibility