BUSINESS: Assembly


Partnering with ABB ROBOTS, our assembly and test line covers an area of 2000m². A total of 14 robots spread over 89 automatic stations, from the 125 stations present on the line. The line reaches a cycle time of 68s, and a OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) over >90%. The annual production capacity : 240,000 on 2 shifts.


The assembly line is composed of :

  • 240m Conveyor Lenght
  • AGV in/out pallet & kit pallet
  • Auto Feeding & Tightening Station
  • Double Robot Press Station
  • Assembly Station
  • Automatic Gripper Tool Changer
  • Rotor Resolver Assembly Station
  • Kitting Pallet & Turntable
  • Leak Test Station
  • Robot Oil Feeding Station


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