DATE: October 2015


As a venture between the group Yinxiang, specialized in real estate and research, development, manufacturing and sales of motorcycles, passenger vehicles, and engines, and BAIC, or Beijing Auto, is a Chinese automakers producing the brand BAW and Senova. Together BAIC Yinxiang has developped 2 brands in their factory in Chongqing : Huansu and Bisu.


In 2015, we had the opportunity of participating in their new installation. We implements 3 welding lines composed of 54 robots in total. This whole solution reaches 35 JPH. On these lines, the ABB robots installed to handle various situation:

  • gripping
  • spot welding
  • gluing
  • roller hemming


Robots can bring consistency, efficiency and reproducibility to your installation, but automated gluing has further benefits such as: Increased precision, Increased quality, Lowering consumable costs, Reduced cycle time, Reduced error rate, Reduced cost of repairs.


Hemming is a forming and joining technique used in sheet-metal working, whether is it a table-top hemming or a roller hemming solution, they both offer considerable benefits: Join parts of different material (aluminum, steel or plastic), Increase the strength of thin components, Flexibility to handle multiple product variation, Controlled pressure of the hemming, Consistently high-quality outcomes, Low investment cost, Low maintenance cost.

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