CUSTOMER: Chang’an Automobile Co., Ltd.



Chang’an Automobile Co., Ltd. is a Chinese automobile manufacturer, producing passenger car, micro vans, commercial vans and light trucks. Chang’an is considered to be one of the “Big Four” Chinese automakers.


We installed an assembly line for its H4 engine, it covers an area of 11700 m², conveyor length 800. The line is composed of  288 stations, 54 automatic stations and 12 stations including 16 KUKA robots.

The engine line includes:

  • Cylinder Head Key-up Station
  • Automatic leak test
  • Engine pallet with Rear Adapter
  • Cylinder head valve oil seal press station
  • Bowl Plug Press
  • Robot engine transfer etc


CT: 39s

OEE ≥85%

Annual production capacity: 300,000

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