CUSTOMER: Shanghai Jinghong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
DATE: June, 2016



Shanghai Jinghong is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of new energy vehicle power systems.  It has the ability to develop and supply batches of passenger vehicles and special vehicles for pure electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, such as: Changan, Qingling, or Jiangling .



We installed one of our Battery Module & Pack Assembly Line for their new Eautopower battery. This installation was divided in 2 lines: the pack line of the 1st floor and the module line of the 2nd floor.


The 1st floor line is composed of 7 workstations with smart electronic coding, 1 Kuka robot for 1 end of line testing area and 1 leak test. A conveyor is connecting all operations and our MES system is controlling this line and assuring the continuity with the 2nd floor line. This pack line is compatible with multiple products and beats 30 minutes.


This module line is a semi-automatic installation composed of 6 welding units, 12 welding machines, an automated stand static library and a testing unit. Connecting the line to the factory, our MES software is controlling all 7 Kuka robots, 3 Yamaha robots and 5 operators present on the line to ensure effective production in real time. This project is reaching a cycle time of 48s and a OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) over 85%.

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