CUSTOMER: General Motors Shanghai
DATE: May, 2019


General Motors, as the huge american OEM, is home to Buick, Cadillac, GMC and Chevrolet. The plant in Shaghai is a co-company between General Motors and SAIC created in 1997. There, we implemented in May 2019 assembly cells for case and housing production.


The project consisted in the automatic loading and unloading of gearbox housing in 3 stations. Our cells are equipped with :

  • FANUC robots
  • COGNEX binocular vision system
  • 2 types of grippers (with pneumatic finger and one with vaccum cups) mounted on an automatic tool changer
  • Roller conveyor to run from one operation to another


Our AGV complete the automatization of this production while automatically bringing the produced parts from the production line to the gearbox housing stations.

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