CUSTOMER: Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd
DATE: January 2019



Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd.  has been engaged in the development of diesel engines for about 60 years. Within this leading enterprise in China’s automobile parts and engine industry, we had the opportunity to work on the transformation project of  YN series engine products for manufactured intelligent factory of Kunming Yunnei.



This project has 9 gantry lines with a total length of 341.4 meters, covering 60 MAG machine tools, involving YN33/YN38 and YNF40/YNF45 series cylinder blocks and heads. The project used GUDEL – ZP5 and ZP6 Heavy load series truss to ensure the stability of equipment operation, aiming a repeated positioning accuracy of gantry of ≤± 0.05 mm.

In 2019, we added to the existing line, 18 KUKA robots to complete the automatization. Robots are here to realize automatic load and unload of machining fixtures and automatization of assembly cells.

The 7th axis robot and 3D vision are used to grasp the workpiece. Robots repeat positioning accuracy reach ≤± 0.05 mm, and the positioning accuracy of the 7th axis reach ≤± 0.05 mm. Our buffer platform added to the robots allows flexible interaction between robot and machine tools.



The project is able to produce stably, with a daily output of 450 cylinder blocks and 700 cylinder heads. At present, it has produced 7.3W cylinder blocks and 14.66W cylinder heads. CT < 76 seconds.

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