CUSTOMER: Luli Group Co. Ltd
DATE: May 2020


Luli Group Co. Ltd is a steel, wood and wood-based panels company operating since 1985. In September 2019, we had the opportunity to start flexible production line project. The whole line was fully installed and debugged in May 2020, the first piece of the whole line was offline in June 2020, and the formal order production was started in October 2020. Shandong Luli Home Furnishing currently has the largest whole-house customized home furnishing industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing base in the North of China.


This project integrates a variety of automation equipment:

  • Warehousing Control System: control of the RGV (Rail Guided Vehicle ) and other automation equipment allowing multiple batches to be mixed.
  • Conveyor line: total length  621 892m
  • Storage Space: a total of 40 layers in the plug-in buffer storage, each layer can be placed up to 10 meters.
  • Plate turning mechanism: steer automatically the process plates that require special drilling
  • Destacking robot – YASKAWA
  • Robotic sorting system: composed of 2 lanes and 6 KUKA robots including a coding system


It realizes the flexible production line of industrial 4.0 panel furniture, which is composed of raw materials through sawing, edge sealing, punching, sorting code package and other processing procedures. The automatic wiring realizes the continuous automatic flexible production.

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