BUSINESS: Smart Logistic
SECTOR: Transmission
CUSTOMER: Shanghai Automotive Transmission Co., Ltd.
Date: January, 2019


Shanghai Automotive Transmission Co., Ltd.  is one of the 17 SAIC Gear’s production plants, producing transmission for OEM. The products cover various types of cars, light buses, pickup trucks, off-road vehicles, mini vehicles and heavy trucks, supplying companies such as GM or Volkswagen.


Starting end of 2018, the project was to transform the heat treatment plant from labor-intensive to smart factory. Main highlights of the projects are:

  • Three-dimensional warehouse covering 312m², equipped with 2 stackers
  • 39 conveyor lines to connect and control parts before storage
  • Linde AGV with automatic obstacle avoidance function and automatic charging
  • WMS: warehouse management system
  • Visual recognition system to classify all 52 products


The project allowed reducing labor intensity, eliminating paper support, reducing operation costs, improving productivity, improving work safety and improving corporate image.

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