CUSTOMER: Guangxi Yuchai Group
DATE: October, 2019



Guangxi Yuchai Group is, since 1951, a manufacturer of combustion engine, construction machinery products and special purpose vehicles. Located in Yulin, China, there range is engine covers bus, trucks, construction and agricultural machineries, marine, single generator and passenger cars.



In October 2019, we finished the installation of its new assembly line of one of its diesel engines. Our line covers an area of 3 800m². This mixed-model assembly line includes various stations:

  • Tightening station
  • Tightening of camshaft cover, bolts of rocker arm shaft cover, connecting rod bolts, cylinder head bolt etc.
  • Robot station

For insertion of cylinder, gluing of front and rear end, rubber coating/tightening of flywheel shell, piston ring assembly etc.

  • Test station

Leakage test and crankshaft axial clearance measurement.


The line reaches a cycle time of 280s for each diesel engine, and a OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) over 80%.

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