End of Arm Tooling

WEBEN SMART is a rich of a solid experience in the design, development, manufacturing, and commissioning of automation components.

The application dictates which type of grippers shall be use, which is why we build a system tailored to each unique application for:

  • Stamping grippers, shuttle, and stations
  • Hot forming
  • Plastic industry


To maximize the flexibility, our components are modular and adjustable and can be combined into a specific EAOT from the catalogue components.

They might be powered electrically, by compressed air or vacuum. This is a crucial aspect of robotic technology as it refers to the equipment that interacts directly with parts and components using the following solutions:

  • Vacuum Cups
  • Clamps
  • Magnets
  • Cutting devices
  • Hot forming devices

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The ensures of the reliability your grippers

The development of each structural component is examined by finite element analysis, propotypes, fatigue and failure experiments, design improvement. This ensures the reliability and safety of the components used to build your grippers.


EOAT must be lightweight but strong enough to move heavy parts at high speed mode, which is why WEBEN SMART’s carbon fiber components is the key solutions. Light tools allow the gripper to move faster and more efficiently while keeping stability and decreasing the risk of gripping failure. WEBEN SMART supplies components made of carbon fiber but mostly developed and installed high strength carbon fiber beams from our specialized partner.

Your key partner for the automation gripping

EOAT is an important part of a robotic system. It is what gives a robot its functionality, and as EOAT advances, so does robotics. WEBEN SMART implement more than 3 000 sets of EOAT each year, making us one of the key partners for the automation gripping.