Our goal is to help you optimizing press shop productivity by integrating robots, machines, technologies, and our know-how.

WEBEN SMART is a turnkey integrator of press automation solutions. Our team has a deep experience in robot integration, allowing us to offer a tangible and cost-effective solution to optimize the press line while reducing the complexity with an easy to use system.


We can help optimizing productivity, adaptability, availability, and reliability while keeping quality and safety as our first priority. From planning and design all the way to commissioning and support, we stand by our customer to assist them in every step of the project.

Our range of solutions covers


Hot forming


WEBEN SMART may integrate suitable systems across the complete press line, for all sub-processes in press shop. We provide different levels of flexible robotized automation, from a portion to the whole press-line. From a flexible blanking solution, to cost-efficient front of line destacking area for aluminum and/or steel blanks, productive transfer press to a reliable end of line racking.


Front Of Line

Front Of Line (FOL) is key to a high speed and flexible line.


WEBEN SMART offers a wide range of FOL solutions depending on the space and production needs, suitable for different part sizes, material, and weight.


This includes destacking table, centering table, infeed conveyor with magnetic or vacuum belt technology, destacking robot, loading robot, oiler, cleaner, and washer.


WEBEN SMART develops, implements, and supports complex robotic solutions adapted to the growing requirements of customers. Creating an easy communication between robot and presses, of any kind and size, is the way to have a fully automated production cell. To fit your production needs and technical specifications, our scope includes 6-Axis and 7-Axis robots. Each robot process may run through simulation studies and is designed to be flexible for product changeovers. The focus is always on increasing efficiency.

Our range of services goes from retrofits through modernization of existing press lines to new equipment, with an output from 8 to 15 strokes per minute (SPM). For any needs you might have, WEBEN SMART offers technical advice, support, and tailor-made solutions all from one hand, with your available space conditions, presses size and distances, the expected cycle time, part sizes, requested automation degree, and the available budget.

End of Line

Avoiding a loss in cycle time may require an automated racking system and logistics concepts in the End of Line (EOL) area of the press line. WEBEN SMART will help you eliminate the material handling bottleneck at the end of the line. The EOL also helps to ensure consistent part quality thanks to a vision system. From the last press stage, the stamped panels are either placed on an outfeed conveyor or shuttle system; then transported to be stacked in respective containers.


This service may also consider logistics and container management to be able to supply an automatic stacking system with enough stacking racks within cycle time, and to ensure that full containers are removed.


Our long experience and know-how are at your disposal, with modular and flexible dedicated systems.